“Landscapes have a language of their own, and the lens allows us to capture their voice.

Images are like echoes of that voice, narratives that fade in time”

Denis Guzzo

born in Vicenza, Italy in 1977 and a graduate in 2010 of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague is an Italian filmmaker, director of photography and photographer currently working on a multitude of  projects worldwide. His passion for landscape and architecture found in the Netherlands, has been a perfect field for him to develop through his love of photography. He works both on assignment and on self-initiated documentary projects which are underpinned by extensive research. The productions, exhibitions and publications which emerge from his work are characterized by a meticulously detailed form of storytelling.

In Vicenza, the city of master of classic architecture Andrea Palladio, he grew up enjoying exhibitions by contemporary masters. Fascinated by the concept of Genius Loci he developed his own research-method combining photography with cartography. These bodies of work, which explored new concepts of landscape and urban development as in Freedomland, and the origins of European culture in Wasting Mythology; are milestones that allows him to move forward into new journeys through film-making.


The documentation of the Superuse movement with in the European context is for Denis an attempt contribute to the  debate on how city and landscape, man and nature can coexist.

Denis Guzzo is currently based in Amsterdam, Vicenza and Tokyo .

portrait courtesy of © Filippo Bordin

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From brainstorm to concept development to screen writing, from cinematography to editing Denis Guzzo enjoys his productions by overseeing all the steps that leads to outstanding and compelling results.

For more complex projects he collaborates with producers and other professionals according to production’s budget and needs. He owns a 4.6 k camera and prime lenses, pro-microphones and a  drone that he brings everywhere he goes.

Denis is available as a Director of Photography and as a Director with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, to corporate films and commercials. Embracing the art of film making represents for him a new amazing challenge to explore and develop new work.

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In his photographic projects Denis has been focusing on the exploration and documentation of landscapes: traces and perspectives of our civilization; outlining human geography, environmental and geo-political themes. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in magazines such as Volume, Icon,  Korean Landscape Series, Metropolis M, New York Times; DeArchitect; in many books and on books covers.

As an architectural photographer Denis is available worldwide; able to provide outstanding work and distributions within a wide range of magazines, publishers and platforms.

To acquire Denis Guzzo’s limited edition art-prints, result of his self-initiated documentary projects and captured on large format films → acquire  to find more information.

Selected Landscape projects: FREEDOMLAND and WASTING MYTHOLOGY.

Selected Architecture and design portfolio → SUPERSUSE

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Solo exhibitions

2015.03.04 | P O S I T I O N S | Van Kranedonk Gallery, Te Hague | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2014.07.08.09 | YOU THEM US  | photoQ bookshop, Amsterdam | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2014.05 | WASTING MYTHOLOGY: case study Eleusis| Sijthoff, Leiden | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2013. | FREEDOMLAND | caSla Architecture centrer, Almere | Solo + Guest curator | NL

2011.01.02.03 | FREEDOMLAND: the new Atlantis | Agora theater, Lelystad | NL

Group exhibitions and screenings

2018.03  | Miniere Urbane | with Giacimenti Urbani | ‘Fà la cosa giusta’ FAIR | Milan | IT

2017.10 | MFW International Short Film Festival | Bali | ID

2016.05  | Exodus | with Young Blood Initiative |  Corridor Project Space | Amsterdam | NL

2015.12   2016.01.02.03 | Adventures on the countryside | FotoMuseum The Hague | NL

2015. |  Trash to Treasure Lab  by Superuse Studios | UABB Biennale | Shenzhen | CHI

2015.07.08 | Summer again | Van Kranedonk Gallery | Te Hague | NL

2015.05.06.07 | Workplace for the new World | Monnik at Bureau Europa, Maastricht | NL

2015.04.05 | 3 collectionneurs, autrement | Gallery Ete 78, Bruxelles | BE

2014.11.12  2015 .01 | Almost winter | Van Kranedonk Gallery | Te Hague | NL

2014.07.08.09 | Wenn wir dich nicht sehen, siehst du uns auch nicht | Huize Frankendael | Amsterdam | NL

2014. | Light! | Municipal Museum Den Haag | NL

2013. | Volume project: beyond architecture | UABB Biennale | Shenzhen | CHI

2013.10 | The international experimental cinema exposition | Denver | USA

2013.04.05.06 | UNITED WE | Stroom, Te Hague | NL

2012.11.12 | The good cause. Architecture of Peace | Assistant curator for Archis Platform | Kigali | RW

2012.09.10.11 | Stay Foreign. Exhibition #1 | Slaakhuis | Duo with Müge Ylmaz | Rotterdam | NL

2011.10 | The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren | AFFR Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam | NL

2011 until 2016 | Permanent exhibition Museum Nieuw Land | Hd video | Lelystad | NL

2010.09 | The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren | Villa Ockenburg | Te Hague | NL

2010.06.07 | Freedomland: work in progress | Royal academy of arts | Te Hague | NL

2010.04 | The control room | Beaumontpublic gallery | Assistant curator for Archis Platform | LUX

2009.11.12 | 13 Km 2: DocuDenHaag | NutsHuis | Te Hague | NL

2008.01.02.03 | Printemps a Grand Bijgard | by ZUS | Triennale | Milan | IT

2007.12 | Huur commisie jaarboek | Municipality Building | Te Hague | NL

2004.06 | The Dressmachine meet Guy Boudin | FOAM | Amsterdam | NL

Selected publications


2017 | Hoogwatergeul voor de Ijssel | Blauwdruk | NL | Featured

2017 | Resource Salvation | Mark Gorgolewski by John Wiley & Sons | ENG | Featured

2017 | Facing Value: Radical Perspectives from the Arts | Valiz | ENG | Featured

2017 | The Re-use Atlas: A Designer’s Guide Towards a Circular Economy | RIBA Publishing | ENG | Featured

2016 | Balance of the living environment | Dutch Ministry Minienm | NL | Featured

2016 | Rooilijn| Visual essay on Superuse | NL | Featured

2015 | Het Waardevol Jaarboek | book by Van Gansewinkel | NL | Featured

2015 | Costruire a zero rifiuti | by Paola Altamura | IT | Featured

2013 | The science of Play | by Susan G. Solomon | book | ENG | Featured

2013 | The future of architecture | NAI010 | book | ENG | Featured

2013 | RRAAM Rijksstructuurvisie Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer | Almere/RAAM | NL | Featured

2013 | Eye at a glance | Book by Eye Film Museum | ENG | Featured

2012 | Oosterwold [Masterplan by MDRDRV] | Dutch Ministry of Envinronment | NL | Featured

2010 | Freedomland: work in progress | Self published book limited ed. 50 | ENG | Monograph SOLD OUT

2009 | PhotoQ | NL | Featured

2009 | Left behind | Self published book limited ed. 50 | ENG | Monograph SOLD OUT

2007 | Re-public: Towards a new spatial politics| ZUS-NAI | ENG NL | Featured

Interventions and lectures

2016.06 | ZERO WASTE BUILDING | Lecture at Casa dell’ Architettura | Rome | IT

2015.11  |  NOI  VOI  LORO | Lecture at SP3 gallery | Treviso | IT

2015.11  |  NOI  VOI  LORO | Seminar  at  the Dep. of Architecture University of  Ferrara | IT

2014.09 | Gaia Project | Lecture at Aisxylia festival | Eleusis | GR

2014.06 | Archis RSVP#17  | Intervention at See you in The Hague, Stroom | NL

2013.09 | FREEDOMLAND | Lecture at caSla Architecture centre | Almere | NL


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