If anything, freedom is what you feel when first confronted with the Dutch Flevo polders. Freedom and perhaps a sense of being lost in space. The low horizons, immense skies, and endless perspectives are that of a desert landscape – albeit with a human element. But how to interpret such a unique landscape? How to settle and live there?

Freedomland is a visual journey into an highly regulated- man made land; captured between forces of order and space, concept and execution, authority and freedom – and expressed as a new conceptual territory. The project aims to be a mirroring of this powerful geo-political process of landscape and social engineering; a photographic trilogy back in time trough the three main spatial and historical context of Flevoland: Almere, Lelystad and the Noordoostpolder.

I have observed and documented this process for years now. I show in my photos how the new land is being structured and prepared for use, how diverse dreams become reality, and how different ideas of freedom are being expressed. Ranging from the vacant land’s inherent promise, to the diversity of realized projects, the photos show different forms and phases of this fundamentally malleable landscape.

Next to my sociological and historical interest, a main theme in this series is my concern for man’s interaction with nature and the engagement with sustainable society. Beyond presenting a personal view on liberties and limitations in the Dutch polder and urban landscape, this series is an attempt to start a debate on how city and landscape, man and nature can coexist.






Freedomland by DENIS GUZZO.

Warande_Lelystad 2012
88 x 110 cm Ed. 2/5


From human to tree

From human to tree
Koningin Wilhelminabos_Dronten 2012


Untitled, unplaced

Untitled, unplaced


You buid, I fly

You build, I fly
Almere Poort 2010
110 x 88 cm Ed. 7/11



DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_A_2010_03_A_Added blue shape_2010

Added blue shape
De Fantasie_Almere 2011
110 x 88 cm Ed. 2/5



DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_A_2010_05_A_The only real Freedom I could find_F5__A_100X78

The only real Freedom I could find
Jeughtland_Almere Haven 2010


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_The green cathedral

The green cathedral
Almere Cirkelbos 2012
Designed by 2012 Marinus Boezem 1987→ Satelite view



DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_Portrait of a New Town, Almere

Portrait of a New Town
Almere city centre 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_Giving direction_Leaving space_Almere Poort 2013

Giving direction / Leaving space
Almere Poort 2013



DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_FL_2012_010_FL_Illusional biosphere III

Illusional biosphere #3
Oostvaardersplassen 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_FL_2011_05_FL_Illusional biosphere I_drumscan

Illusional biosphere #1
Oostwaardersplassen 2012
110 x 88 cm Ed. 2/5


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_L_2010_03_L_Landed on Agora

Landed on Agora
Lelystad 2010
110 x 88 cm Ed. 2/5



DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_Perceptional shade_Agora_Teather_Lelystad_NL 2013

Perceptional shade: Agora teather
Lelystad 2010/2012/2013
4 prints 33 x 38 cm Ed. 3/11




Deltagoot #1
Noordoostpolder 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_WLB_2012_010_WLB_Deltagoot_Central p 1

Waiting the wave
Wave simulator of the Hydraulic Lab
Waterloopbos_Noordoostpolder 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_WLB_2012_010__WLB_RGB II

RBG #2
88 x 110 cm Ed. 2/5 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_WLB_2012_010_WLB_Supersized tree

Super sized tree
Scale model of Marsa El Bregha’s dam
Waterloopbos_Noordoostpolder 2012


DenisGuzzo_Freedomland_WLB_2011_010_Concrete fall

Waterloopbos_Noordoostpolder 2012



Lelystad Rieverduinen 2012



  • photoQ



2015 .03.04

P O S I T I O N S  | Van Kranedonk Gallery, Den Haag. NL | Solo exhibition + guest curator

2014 .07.08.09

YOU  THEM  US  | photoQ bookshop, Amsterdam. NL | Solo exhibition + guest curator

2013 .

FREEDOMLAND  | caSla Architecture centrer, Almere. NL | Solo exhibition + guest curator

download  Exhibition press release PDF. Text NL by Arjen Oosterman


2012 .10.11.

STAY FOREIGN  | Slaakhuis, Rotterdam. NL | Duo exhibition with Müge Ylmaz

2011 .01.02.03.

FREEDOMLAND: the new Atlantis  | Agora theater, Lelystad. NL | Solo exhibition

2010 .06.07.

FREEDOMLAND: work in progress  | Royal Accademy of Art KABK, Te Hague. NL | Group graduation exhibition



2013 March. RRAAM Rijksstructuurvisie Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer. p. 134/p. 1664/20/30/70 [out of print].

2012 March. Amere Oosterwold. p. 134/p. 166. RRAAM Rijk-regioprogramma Amsterdam-Almere-Markermeer. [out of print].

2010 June. Fredomland. Limited editon of 50 copies. Graduation publication with the first body of work. [out of print].

2010 July 2nd. Italiaanse blik maakt Lelystad tot nieuw Atlantis. By Marina De Vries, De Volkskrant. NL