Realized for ZUS [zones urbaines sensibles] and the water board Vallei en Veluwe this project capture the landscape intervention between Veessen and Wapenveld; the biggest project with in the Room for the River, the Dutch national flood prevention program. Better drainage of river water reduces the chance of flooding. The channel is constructed in such a way that the natural and agricultural functions are maintained, or even reinforced. The construction of two new bridges keeps the area to the east of the channel easily accessible, even when the channel is full of water.
The goal of the Dutch Room for the River program is to give the river more room to be able to manage higher water levels. At more than 30 locations, measures are taken to give the river space to flood safely. Moreover, the measures are designed in such a way that they improve the quality of the immediate surroundings.
The Veessen-Wapenveld flood channel is expected to drain flood waters only once in a human lifetime. To the west of the flood channel, a landscape zone with space for nature and recreation is laid out. The road connections in the channel area have been maintained; while recreational uses have also been implemented: the bicycle path network is expanded and separed from the trafic on the mnin dam, a canoe route is laid out and a hiking path has been planned for the new flood plain. A bird nesting area is created in the northern section of the channel.
As a result of many years of planning and intensive work, this successful cooperation between the designers and many other team player, from institutions to developers, is finally ready to be enjoyed.
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Refrence maps from the landscape intervention Hoogwatergeul Veessen-Wapenveld

 Context 2014

2017 Aerial views 4K

2017 photography






From the south to the north

2017 08 Tolbrug


2018 08 Tolbrug details


2017 08 Tolbrug diptyc

2017 08 Tolbrug from the north to the south

2017 08 Bruggen Werverdijk

2017 08 Uitwateringsluis Het Oever

2017 08 Aerial view of the pumping station Doornbos

2017 08 Detail of the pumping station Doornbos

2017 08 Pumping station Doornbos



2017 08 Tolbrug aerial view

Hoogwatergeul – Flood channel – Veessen – Wapenveld, the Netherlands

2015 work in progress

2015 04

2015 02


2015 04


2015 04


2015 04


2015 04

2015 04 Construction process of the bridge pillars

2015 09

The book

As a co-author of the book, I had the pleasure to work in collaboration with Waterboard Vallei en Veluwe, ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] and Veenenbos en Bosch – Landscape Architects documenting the complexity of the project during the last three years.

The book offers insights into the social and geographical context and the innovative approach  of this landscape  intervention. The book is designed and distributed by BlauwDruk Publishers. Text by Mark Hendriks, Ria Dubbeldam | Photography by Henri van Beek, Harry Cock, Denis Guzzo.

Hardcover 160 pages full colour. September 2017.  ISBN 978-94-92474-03-2

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