This multidisciplinary documentary project captures the deconstruction and displacement of the Youth Hostel Ockenburg. The steel and glass building designed by architect Frank van Klingeren in 1967 was slowly disassembled in 2010 over the course of six months.

What was once destined for the scrap yard has now been saved, thanks to a rescue committee and their actions to keep the building intact. Concerning to restrictions regarding the property the ‘Jeughterberg Ockenburg’ must be moved in order to avoid complete loss.
With a new purpose this building will be re-used as an Urban Center, bringing together youth,activities and creativity in the revitalization process of another area of Te Hague.

This is an homage to this unique public building, capturing the disassembly and transformation of the former world’s largest youth hostels. Lying in wait for its new destination, this dissembled structure carries the essence of Frank van Klingeren’s vision of collective and public living.


Position 1 → 1971 / 2010

Position 2 → Limbo 2010 / now

Position 3 → future






0012_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren_RESTING IN WINTER_January 2011

detail of light-box installation with 4×5 inch slides for Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2011

07_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren_Close up

Untitled from the limbo



07_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren_February 15th 2011

February 15th 2011



September 26th 2010 Transition


04_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_Creating emptyness_July 20 2010

Creating emptyness




03__Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_AE July 11th 2010_R

July 11th 2010 11:11′:11”




03_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_July 6th 2010R2

July 6th 2010




02_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_may 4th 2010R

May 4th 2010



00_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_Jan 2010T

January 11th 2010



00_Denis_Guzzo_VAN Klingeren Ockenburg_ VAN KLINGEREN BW Jan 2010

January 11th 2010



the short doc

still frame from: the floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren_denis guzzo

                   The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren
Still frame from HD time-lapse documemntary_2011





2013.04.05.06 | UNITED WE | Stroom, Te Hague | NL | Group exhibition


2013.06.07 | 24 h architecture, Te Hague | NL | Group exhibition


2011.10 | Selected for AFFR Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and presented together with the light box installation Seasons of the limbo | NL | Group exhibition


2010.09 | The floating spirit of Frank van Klingeren | Villa Ockenburg, Te Hague | NL | Group exhibition