Between 2015 and 2016 pioneer architect Césare Peeren designed and realized part of the new interiors for VIISI ‘s headquarter, an ambitious and innovative  company based in Amsterdam. At the end of 2016 the project won the Desko Circular Design Award powered by Desko.

A worn out bowling alley floor, dead stock Trespa table tops, vintage lamps, and heraklith acoustic system ceiling panels were redesigned to give a sustainable yet classy looking ‘living room for academics’. The space is used both as lunchtime canteen and evening seminar room.

Following the scouts and the makers during the different steps of production, this portfolio shows the process behind the scenes: where the materials came from and how they have been treated and upcycled.

Divided in #11 main photo series this reportage highlights the Superuse design practice with an accent on the craftsmanship of these amazing makers: an homage to the master of crafts, their dedication, their ability to transform something that was discarded into innovative and beautiful designs.



Harvest map of the main elements of the VIISI ‘s circular office design | © Denis Guzzo


#1 people first

Above: the founders of  Viisi BV. From left to right: Frank Tukker, Hendrik Schakel, Hergen Dutrieux, Tom van der Lubbe to whom I am very grateful for sponsoring this documentation process and for all I have learned by working with and for them.


#2 the space

Viisi Labs Amsterdam | Interiors of the headquarter at Surinameplein before the intervention.

#3 harvest zuidoost

Two hundred square meters of heraklith were taken from the twelve million square meters of office ceiling available from the vacant space in Amsterdam Zuioost.

A commercial complex built in the’80s in the South East of Amsterdam which has been dismantled few weeks after the harvest of the materials.


Team harvest Amsterdam Zuid Oost: Cèsare Peeren, Mel Feldmuller, Jos de Krieger, Sanne Verhoeve..

#4 harvest warehouse

The fields around the former greenhouse where the bowling alley was found scouted by Daan Spanjers.


#5 harvest zaandam

Former desktops:  trespa plates found at Elmo Vermijs ‘s workshop in Zaandam, north west of  Amsterdam.


Same day at Kalfsvel Metaalcoating: sandblasting a plate as a test for the floor’s pattern.

#6 materials

Superuse Studio Césare Peeren | Rotterdam




Collection of selected materials from the harvest.

#7 floor

Cèsare designed a modular pattern originated by the letter VIISI. The pattern has been sandblasted on the former trespa desktop’s plates creating the new modular floor.




Testing coating solutions for the new floor

Different type of coatings where tested resulting on the choice of natural oil to impregnate and protect the material.








Installing the prototypes at the Circular Expo Amsterdam




Viisi Circular Design prototype at the Circular Expo Amsterdam | photo Denis Guzzo


Viisi Circular Design prototype at the Circular Expo Amsterdam | photo Denis Guzzo

#8 tables




Furniture building by Pieter de Jong, table’s prototype by Roel De Boer

#9 Building process








Furniture building by Pieter de Jong

#10 lamps

The lamps have been harvested in Rotterdam at the former Heineken Brewery which was awaiting for the process of renovation. Lamps where simply cleaned and refurbished to be installed across the all floor of Viisi Labs.















#11 getting things done

Fifty meters of Bowling alley were built into two impressive four meter long dining tables, picnic tables and a long bench and bar offering a diversity of seating styles in the canteen.

By hanging the acoustic panels vertically, the acoustic absorbing surface was maximized, while still keeping the high concrete ceiling above it visible, and also allowed the ceiling to be fully exposed in the center of the room, which was requested by the client.








A pile of dead stock, out of fashion, Trespa office table tops were sandblasted with a pattern to give an anti-slip floor. The pattern designed was a play on Viisi’s logo and was sandblasted into both the black back and the white front of the Trespa panels, offering a customized floor that breathes the corporate identity of Viisi; sustainable and durable.










To be continued…



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