FRDMLND LOGO CCThis project is a visual journey along with the alterations of the landscape that mark the passage of the ancient Greek Eleusis into the present-day Greek city of Eleusina; I have examined the interaction of the different historical layers of the area whilst displaying the opposition between recent urban-industrial developments and the mythology of the landscape.

Although Eleusis’s historical heart is now one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, the bay that has been connecting Eleusian inhabitants with other Mediterranean cultures since antiquity got clogged by the seemingly unregulated expansion of factories and related port logistics. Taken by the clutches of the large-scale industries and fast urbanization, the present-day city of Elefsina is dealing with extreme environmental issues.

As Greek myth tells us, Demeter once visited Eleusis when she rested next to the Plutoneon cave during her search for her daughter Persephone. Laid out over the hill, it became an important site for the Ancient Greeks to honor Demeter‘s existence in the Eleusian Mysteries – secret initiation ceremonies into the miracles of life, death, and the afterlife.

Where fragrances of orange trees and wild thyme mix with the fumes spread by the oil refinery, one can find ancient stones and roman bricks re-used and combined with concrete to build the industrial era wall – a unique shade of metamorphism. A more critical course of the transition, turning the old Eleusis into the modern Elefsina, occurs via the cement made from rocks belonging to the ancient, sacred hill to continuously develop and rebuild the modern city. Challenging the myth of Demeter and her blessings of land and harvest, the unrestrained power of the factory Titan has significantly affected the western side of the sacred hill within only half a century of local cement production.

Capturing the apparent imprint left by Titan‘s activities on Eleusis’ hill and the voids caused by industrial excavation, WASTING MYTHOLOGY: case study Eleusis aims to research Elefsina’s ‘Genius Loci’ and expose a modern story of metamorphosis. By showing my findings, I want to debate how the Mediterranean landscape and its heritage can be preserved as a primary human value.




 ” There is nothing before Alpha: that is just where everything begins.”


2013_04_795 X 1000_DenisGuzzo_Wasting mythology_Myth a

Myth α 2013_Plutoneon_Plato’s cave_courtesy of Archaeological Museum of Eleusis


Where democracy was born / What democracy has become
Athens 2010_Diptych 2 x 80 x 100 cm Ed. 2/5




2014_04WastingMythology_DenisGuzzo_Temple of Aphrodite

Temple of Aphrodite along the Sacred Way from Athens to Eleusis. 2014




Destroying sacred hills / Next to the seven Heroes
Eleusis 2013/2014 _Diptych 2 x 80 x 100 cm 5+ap2



Denis Guzzo Wating Mythology_New mysteries_Elefsina_2013

New Mysteries #1
Eleusis 2013_110 x 88 ed. 2/5




Trying to survive / Along the sacred way
2014_Diptych 2 x 80 x 100 cm



WastingMythology_DenisGuzzo_Exploration of the void IV_2014

Exploration of the void #4
Eleusis 2013_110 x 88 ed. 2/5



Denis Guzzo_wasting_Mythology_Western cemetery_001_16_

Western Cemetery
Eleusis 2014_80x100 cm ed. 1/5






Untitled industrial landscape

Untitled industrial landscape
Eleusis 2013_155 x 123 cm ed. 2/5







Denis Guzzo Wating Mythology_View from Magula hill_2014

View from Magoula ‘s hill




For the initiated / For those who played on bones
2013_courtesy of Archaeological Museum of Eleusis




Denis Guzzo_Wasting Mythology_Archeological shade_Elefsina_2013

Archeological shade #1
Eleusis 2013




Denis Guzzo_Wasting Mythology_Concrete odyssey IV_Elefsina_2014

Concrete odyssey #4
Eleusis 2014


When History repeats itself
Kronos distillery district_Eleusis 2014 _Diptych 2 x 80 x 100 cm



02 Exploration of the void I_006_16

Exploration of the void #1


DenisGuzzo_Wasting Mythology_Exploration of the void_lu

Explorations of the void
Installation view_Eleusis 2013/2014



Denis Guzzo Wasting Mythology_exploration of the void VII_2014

Exploration of the void #7
Eleusis 2014




Kronos #7
Eleusis 2014




Social landscape and Natural landscape
Eleusis 2014/2015 _Diptych 2 x 80 x 100 cm



Concrete Odissey #9
Eleusis 2015




Eleusis 2015



DenisGuzzo_Wasting mythology_Myth Delta_Elefsina_2014_1111px

Myth Δ
Eleusis 2014

Eleusis 2014_155 x 123 cm_ed. 2/5







A very special thank in random order to Tessa, Anne, Huib and Willy Janssen, Reyn van der Lugt, Lizzie Calligas, Chantal Bosch and Han van Ouwerkerk, Diomidis and Garifalia Meletiou, Christos Christakis, the Bees’ Masters, Foteini Setaki, Peggy Tsolakaki, Elena Antonopoulou, Ilias Monacholias, Daphne de Sonneville, Areti Chrysanthou, Alexandros Anagnostidis, Kalliopi Papaggeli, George Skianis,  Laura Minardi and all the friends, professionals and collectors who have been supporting the project.






MATERIA ET LOCIS | Galleria Celeste, Vicenza, IT | Solo exhibition + guest curator

download  Exhibition press release PDF. Text IT+ENG by Mariasole Ariot


2016.04.  EXODUS
Group exhibition at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam

2015.07.08 SUMMER AGAIN
Group exhibition at Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague

Group exhibition at ETE 78 Bruxelles. BE  

2015 .03.04      P O S I T I O N S
Solo exhibition at Van Kranendonk Galley, Den Haag. NL

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Group  exhibition at Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam. NL


2014 .07.08.09    YOU THEM US

Solo exhibition at photoQ Bookshop Amsterdam. NL



Solo exhibition + artist talk at Sijthoff cultuur zaal, Leiden. NL

download  Sijthoff exhibition Press release. Text by Daphne de Sonneville