February 1, 2018

Now online the video as a project report of the expansion of the Harvest Map in the area of Milan, Italy. Result of a workshop given by Dutch pioneer architect Césare Peeren.


September 1, 2017

I am very proud to announce the new book regarding the Hoogwatergeul Veessen-Wapenveld, the biggest landscape intervention of the Dutch national flood-prevention program Room for the river.

As a co-author of the book, I had the pleasure to work in collaboration with Waterboard Vallei en Veluwe, ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] and Veenenbos en Bosch – Landscape Architects documenting the complexity of the project during the last three years.

The book offers insights into the social and geographical context and the innovative approach  of this landscape  intervention. The book is designed and distributed by BlauwDruk Publishers. Text by Mark Hendriks, Ria Dubbeldam | Photography by Henri van Beek, Harry Cock, Denis Guzzo.

Hardcover 160 pages full colour. September 2017.  ISBN 978-94-92474-03-2

If you wish to buy the book click → uitgeverijblauwdruk.nl


Facing Value. Radical Perspectives from the Arts

March 23, 2017

‘Creating emptyness’ from THE FLOATING SPIRIT OF FRANK VAN KLINGEREN Featured in this publication.

This book followed a series of exhibitions at Stroom Te hague about the creation of value through invitation, improvising and uniting. Under the title ‘Facing Value. Radical Perspectives from the Arts’ the authors explore the possibility of a world based on value, where rules as unproductivity, sharing and support are key; trying to reformulate value as a constituting factor in an open and caring society. And with their bold and clear graphic design Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa tied it all together into a light and logical whole.

Join us at the book presentation at Stroom | The Hague | Friday March 31st at 17:00