KAF Almere | You Are Here

A sneak preview ( iPhone filmed ) of the most complex project i have never worked on. ‘You Are Here’ is an interactive installation with the city map on touch-screens; developed for Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland [ KAF ]. It allows the inhabitants of the city to virtually explore the ‘new town’. The interactive map has been divided by themes, city blocks and historical periods: from pre-history ( archeology ) to future urban and landscape developments.

I have been working on the organisation of the archive and on the production of short documentaries and photo series. Some art-prints from my project ‘Freedomland’ has also be exhibited to create a better visual context.

A special thank to Mrs. Judith Flapper for taking me with her into this amazing journey.

A short video as preview of the installation.
The main themes of the new archive: past and future. By Judith Flapper & Denis Guzzo
Extended diagram of the new archive. By Judith Flapper & Denis Guzzo